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You know what you do best. Leave the back-end to us.


Every line item has a story.

You left the comfort of an employer for the discomfort of following your dreams. You hustled. You sacrificed.


But now what?

You’re busier than ever.

You’re outgrowing that shoebox of receipts (not to mention your office space).

The paperwork is piling up, and the back-end of your business – well it’s a little disheveled.

In between expanding your dream and spending quality time with your family – that’s why you’re doing this thing called self-employment, am I right?– you’re wondering:


Am I making m|

And if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re so busy
you’re not even sure where your money is going.

It is clearly time to hire someone to take-over your bookkeeping. But who?

Enter Growth Mode Co.


We’re (co)llaborators, (co)nnectors, (co)ver your assets kind of people.

Because once you put your money into your books, your business becomes absolutely, without a doubt, crystal clear.

When your books are smart, your profits are empowered.


Growth Mode Co. offers growing businesses on Cape Cod, the South Shore, the Southcoast and throughout New England essential bookkeeping, bill payment, accounts receivable and tax preparation services.


We go beyond bookkeeping to help your business grow. Our goal is to use your numbers to make “cents.” We give you live reporting of your numbers. Our reports show you how can you maximize your profits, and make your business work for your life goals.

Financial Clarity

Reports, meetings, forecasting, key performance indicators. It’s all part of the package. Because growing companies need more than a cheerleader, they need a coach who can help them take their business to the next level. 

How it works

Need Social Proof?

We love what we do and could talk about our business all day long, but see what our clients are saying about what it means to be a Growth Mode Co(mpany).

Setting you up for

Certifications and affiliations we’re proud to feature.


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Growth Mode Co. takes care of your back office financial tasks so you can focus on your business.

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