Growth Mode Co.

You love your business.

But your books?


When you started your business, you wanted to solve a problem. Or share a gift.

You quickly realized that the majority of your time was spent entering numbers, or sending invoices, or paying taxes.

Not exactly vocation-worthy tasks.

So, you let it slip. You have a pile and you promise yourself you’ll get to it.

The papers keep growing. So does the guilt.

Let’s stop that cycle, shall we?

Meet Kristine Celorier

the brains behind growth mode co.

This equally left brained/right brained business guru has been in growth mode ever since she started her own business in 2004. Kristine takes businesses from incubation through end-game. And she does it by evaluating the cold-hard facts: your actual numbers.

Here’s how Growth Mode Co. operates:


📚 Organize We take those slips of paper, hand-written notes, and ledger books and convert them to a cloud-based, digital system that makes your job easier…and nothing gets lost! 📊 Evaluate We look at the results of that information and evaluate what the short-term next steps look like for your business (this is NOT a cookie cutter approach.) 💯 Execute We create an actionable plan and watch it unfold. Then we start the cycle all over again.

It may be the least pleasurable part of running your business, but it’s kind of our love language.


✔️ 20 Years Experience ✔️ Fully Insured ✔️ Non-Disclosure Document Execution ✔️ Member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Certifications + Accredidations

✔️ Professional Bookkeeping Certification ✔️ QuickBooks ProAdvisor Gold Level ✔️ Freshbooks.com Certified ✔️ Hubdoc Certified Partner ✔️ Gusto Partner ✔️ Bill.com Certified Partner

Software Capabilities

✔️ QuickBooks.com ✔️ Freshbooks.com ✔️ Hubdoc ✔️ Gusto ✔️ Bill.com

In my own words…

For as long as I can remember I have been an ideas person. I love thinking up new inventions and new businesses, and I especially like to think about the challenges and intricacies that are presented with each business.

20 years ago at age 18, a dear friend of mine opened her own camping store. I delved into the world of small business bookkeeping and finances. The landscape of small business is vast and filled with hills, valleys, peaks, and ravines. Doing bookkeeping and managing the finances was a unique challenge of using numbers to chart the future while riding the vision of hopes and dreams. 18 years later and it is the same landscape! Many core qualities come to mind when thinking about each and every one of my clients – smart, strong, hard-working, resilient, driven and full of integrity.  

After graduating from Hofstra University, I focused on my sales and marketing career. I loved the feeling of beating the pavement, building brands, landing new clients, achieving sales goals and I fed off of the weight of budget expectations.

While working my career, I always kept on my toes in the sand by running the back-end of my friends’ business. Fast forward to five years ago, when I was presented with the challenge of re-inventing my career path. I was expecting my first child, and I knew the grind of marketing and sales was no longer feasible for me. This is when I chose to jump fully into the world of small business bookkeeping and back-end support.

Working with growing businesses for the past five years has been the platform for Growth Mode Co. I have enjoyed building visions and dreams with the ultimate challenge of being a sound resource for my clients.

I have found that many of my clients are scared of their numbers in the beginning, and finances always seem to be a gray area for them. Their business vision is clear, but there is a dark area where their numbers are concerned. That is where I come in! My strength is organizing numbers in a way that gives my clients the insight they need to make smart decisions for their growing business. As we work together, my clients begin to be empowered by their numbers and that is when their goals and dreams come into crystal clear focus. When owning a growing business, there is usually only a small gray line between business and personal life. They flow into each other, and honestly one could not exist without the other. For me, this presents a unique challenge that I take seriously. When I offer financial insight and direction, in the back of my mind I know this advice will ultimately impact not only my clients’ business but their family and homelife. This type of pressure guides me to be always working with integrity.

I look forward to working with your growing business soon!

Numbers. Charts. Plans.


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