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But we also make sure you’re tax compliant, reporting accurately, and saving you lots of money along the way. 

Here are the top reasons companies choose us to help manage their books and grow their business. 


An average
in-house bookkeeper will cost you over $3,500/month

We are a fraction of that cost, PLUS…



We save you time and money.

Let us count the ways…

Working with Growth Mode Co. means more time spent doing the things you love with the people you love. And less time worrying about your books.

Here are just some of the benefits to working with Growth Mode Co. for your bookkeeping and accounting needs.  


a winning team

Our team is comprised of bookkeepers and account managers that give you a two-tiered review of all of your transactions.


Tax ready

We give you professional tax ready reports to give to your CPA cutting down on those costs.

state-of-the-art process

Our cloud-based state-of-the-art process ensures that you are not putting in the wrong numbers with manual data entry.

Strategic moves

We provide accurate cost coding to ensure you are not overpaying taxes on your income.

Organized Back-ups

You’re prepared for year-end with tax ready reports and organized data back-up. We have invested in state-of-the art scanning that can create searchable PDF’s out of each and every receipt – no matter what size or how crumpled it may be.

peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about procrastinating and having all of these financial tasks hanging over your head ever again. Win, win, win. Right?!


Growth Mode Co. Packages

*What’s an add-on account?

Add-on accounts include PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other merchant accounts. All package pricing is based on Quickbooks Online accounts only. 

Not sure if your account is included? Give us a call 508-743-2247

Monthly Package Add-On Options


Bill Pay

Our cloud-based bill pay system allows you to pay what you want, when you want and how you want with a click of a button. Access the system from anywhere at anytime to let us know what you want to pay. We create an online filing cabinet with all of your bills, and can auto-fetch your bills from most vendors.


Growth Mode Co. offers full-service payroll that tracks PTO, Sick Time, Benefits, retirement, bonuses and offer direct deposit. Make job offers and onboard employees virtually, and offer your employees an online portal where they can view the profiles and update their information. View your federal and local taxes, payroll filings and tax payments at any time. We assist with W-2’s and 1099’s. Access your insurance We offer a basic HR function to help you navigate the world of employees and compliance. We have the ability to facilitate enrollment in Health Insurance, Workman’s Comp and SIMPLE IRA’s through our local professional network.

Advanced Reporting

Growth Mode Co. has invested in software that gives you a next-level, next-generation look at your business. Monthly custom reports give you further financial insights into your business such as Cash Flow Analysis and Business Value. Together, we can build your own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with non-financial metrics to show you anything from hours worked per project, Client Retention, Sales Goals, or Client Conversion. If there is a report you want, we can build it! We show you the information you need in ways you can understand. Our cloud based reports are accessible anytime, and in real time so you can see where your business is at anytime and anywhere.

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing clients is a time-consuming, but necessary component to keeping you in business. We have ways to track time, project bill, live-time bill and automate recurring Invoicing. We will learn your business from your side, and give you insights on how to improve billing, follow-up on overdue Invoices and get paid faster.

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growth-mode-co-chart-icon-for-bookkeeping-company-on-cape-cod-accounting-payroll-tax-prep-services-in-massachusettsNot ready for a package?

No worries, friend. We can still work together.

Check out the a la carte options below to get your feet wet with Growth Mode Co.


Quickbooks Set-up
We can set up your chart of accounts, edit your QuickBooks preferences to match your company needs, create customized invoice templates using your company’s logo, set up your vendors, clients and employees and get you special discount pricing!

Package starts at $500.00

Quickbooks Clean up
Did your or one of your friends set-up your Quickbooks? Have a Quickbooks ProAdvisor review set-up in the back-end of Quickbooks as well as clean up and previous period information that may be affecting your current Balance Sheet. A Quickbooks ProAdvisor will review and clean-up existing transactions for the current fiscal year.

Package starts at $500.00

Current Fiscal Year Bookkeeping Catch-up
Are you behind in keeping up-to-date with your bookkeeping tasks? Growth Mode Co. can catch you up, cost code all of your transactions and get you set-up for onboarding into a Monthly Bookkeeping Package.

Package starts at $500.00

Year End Tax Prep
Need help with gathering those loose ends? Here’s what our year-end tax prep looks like:

  • Annual tax package prepared for your CPA including:
    • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and General Ledger, copy of your bank statements and reconciliation reports, asset payments and interest, Employee 941’s, Subcontractor 1099’s
  • Draft Adjusting Journal Entries for Accrual Based Account for your CPA
  • Receipt Management – Scan, organize all receipts into PDF format
  • Scan all bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, interest statement, IRA Statements, 941’s, 1099’s burned to a CD or jump drive at year-end for archiving.

Package starts at $2,500.00

Budget Development
Are you challenged with where to start with your budget? Not really knowing what your fixed costs are? Do you need an idea of where your money is going so you can make big decisions – like when to hire someone new?

Growth Mode Co. has years of experience working and living on budgets. We have invested in the next-generation of reporting – we can show you not only what your budget is, but in a way that you can understand. Once you have a budget in place – you are empowered to make important business decisions every day!

Package starts at $750.00

Receipt and Paperwork Organization
Do you have piles of paperwork and receipts that you need digitized? We have state-of-the art scanning capability. We can scan almost anything and create a readable PDF. We can organize your information by client, expense type, bank or credit card account or by month

Package starts at $125.00

Business Financial Feasibility Plans
The Financial Feasibility Plan (FFP) is a working tool that forecasts the financial success of your business through a pro
forma over three years. This financial tool will include research and data on capital investment, operating
expenses, COGS, revenue streams, gross profit margins, growth trajectory and predictions.

The Steps:
Business Basic Interview
This interview lays the groundwork for the numbers used to develop the numbers in the FFP. It is an in-depth look at all portions of the business and the associated costs.

From the information gained during the Business Basics Interview, the numbers will be input into a dynamic document that will yield the following informative reports:

  • Operational Expenses
  • Cost of Goods Sold/Income Related Expenses
  • Projected Income Year 1-3
  • Profit & Loss Year 1-3
  • Cash Flow
  • Summary Page with all Sheet Information

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